Hitting the Deck: The BRenovation to Increase your Livable Space and Resale Value

26 December 2017
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Whether you like to spend your free time shading, hammock-bound, from the heat of an Aussie summer, or snuggled beside a gas heater in the cool of winter, every home needs an outdoor living area, and the quality and aesthetics of timber decking can't be surpassed.

Timber decking is versatile enough to complement any range of home styles, from the traditional farmhouse verandah to luxury suburban designs, blending seamlessly with features such as pools, spas and fire pits. Staggered designs are becoming popular and, as decking trends continue to evolve, the modern rooftop deck is rising to prominence, complete with city views.

A great timber deck will increase the value of your home, not only through its appearance but in its ability to add those crucial square metres - and often even doubling your home's livable space. In particular, decks designed to provide year round use add the most to a home's resale value. Today's renovations and new constructions are trending towards blended indoor and outdoor living areas, creating inviting social hubs that facilitate entertaining and foster deeper connections with family and friends. Because these spaces spark an emotional reaction in users, they add real value to a property.

When designing your deck it is essential to plan for a smooth transition from indoor to outdoor. A simple technique is to keep the floor levels between these spaces as close as possible. Using materials on your deck that echo the materials used inside, and vice versa, will also ease the flow from indoor to out. This can be as simple as using timber posts and tension wire balustrading to echo similar elements in your indoor living areas, or adding timber furnishings or decorative elements in your lounge or kitchen areas to reflect your new deck. Installing feature doors such as bi-fold, French or sliding doors, will also invite a deeper connection between your existing home and deck.

Looking beyond the design aspects of your deck, it is important to understand your options in terms of materials when planning your deck. While some materials are cheaper than others, they may not last as long, or will require extensive maintenance to preserve their appearance into the future. Composite materials and budget decking timbers in particular will provide a quick fix, but will lose value over the longer term, and it is important to seek advice from an experienced builder or designer when choosing your flooring materials.

Whatever your style or budget, timber decking is guaranteed to improve the value and appearance of your home, significantly enlarging your living space and creating a relaxing entertaining area that is fit for any occasion.