Why Bamboo Flooring Should Be the Top Pick for Your Home

3 January 2018
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Once your flooring starts to look bent out of shape, it could make your entire interior décor look unattractive. The upside to this, though, is that you can now install new flooring that would help you transform your residence by boosting its appeal. Rather than gravitate toward the typical materials in the market, it may be time to consider the numerous benefits that bamboo would offer your home. This flooring material is a contemporary alternative to hardwood floors, without you having to compromise on function or visual appeal. Here are the primary reasons why bamboo flooring should be a top pick for your residence.

Bamboo is a green building supply

Individuals striving to lead an environmentally conscious lifestyle would be glad to know bamboo flooring is one the most eco-friendly supplies that you could consider when replacing your floors. Although often associated with wood, bamboo is a species of grass. Moreover, it grows quite fast, so there is no risk of depleting this natural resource. Lastly, since the bamboo surface is characterised by woodgrain-like patterns, they make a suitable alternative to natural timber without you contributing to environmental degradation. 

Bamboo is invulnerable to water damage

You may be drawn to the appeal of hardwood floors, but you should keep in mind that this material could be troublesome if you are not meticulous about protective care. Hardwood floors that are not sealed routinely and protected from moisture exposure will eventually develop water stains. In addition to this, prolonged water damage would lead to warping and subsequent structural deformities. When you opt for bamboo flooring, you can be assured that they would not succumb to premature water damage. This grass is capable of withstanding wet and humid conditions, making it the perfect choice for flooring your entire home rather than just a few rooms that are not exposed to these conditions.

Bamboo is a bargain for the long-term

You may experience sticker shock the first time you take note of the price of bamboo flooring. However, you need to bear in mind your long-term saving when you choose to invest in this flooring. For starters, since bamboo is incredibly tenacious, you would not be subjected to perpetual repairs in the form of re-sanding, re-finishing, re-sealing and so on, as you would with hardwood counterparts. Secondly, bamboo is also available in different profiles, which will vary in price. Thus, you could choose to install the softer, more economical option in low traffic areas and invest in the tougher variations for your heavily used spaces!