3 Reasons Ceramic Tiles Are Better For Your Front Porch Than Wooden Flooring

4 January 2018
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While selecting the flooring for your front porch, you have the option of choosing a wooden floor or installing ceramic tiles. Below are various reasons why ceramic tiles are better for your front porch than wooden flooring.

More designs are available

Ceramic tiles are available in numerous designs and shades. As long as you can think of any colour, you can get ceramic tiles of a similar shade. This is not applicable in the case of wooden floors which are only available in different shades of brown or black, which limits your options. It is, therefore, easier to match the ceramic tiles on your porch to the colour of the entire house. You can also use brightly coloured ceramic tiles to create a feeling of warmth when someone steps onto the porch. Many ceramic tiles suppliers can also create unique tiles for you, as long as you can provide them with your desired design. In case you are really interested in wooden flooring, you can select ceramic tiles that are similar to natural wood. These are cheaper than original wooden floors.

Minimal damage from pets

If you have pets, then you should expect them to play on your front porch and scratch the floors. Although wooden floors are tough, they will start developing marks on them, and this will reduce their aesthetic appeal. Replacing them will also not solve the problem since your pets can scratch them again. In this case, you should purchase ceramic tiles for your front porch. These tiles are very tough and it takes a significant amount of force to leave scratches on them. It is therefore difficult for your pets to cause any damage to them.

Simple cleaning procedures

The front porch is usually exposed to a lot of traffic. These include anyone coming to the main door or when you have invited friends over to spend the day catching up on the front porch. As such, it is expected that the flooring on the porch will be regularly exposed to dirt. If you have installed wooden flooring, the cost of cleaning the floors and varnishing regularly can be very high. However, if you have ceramic tiles, cleaning is not a problem. You only need a wet cloth to wipe the tiles and in case of tough stains, a little soap will help to remove them.

Feel free to ask professional tilers about the best types of ceramic tiles for your front porch since there are smooth tiles or rough tiles that can be used.