4 Flooring Options You Should Consider Before Passing Over a Fixer Upper

9 July 2018
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Moving out on your own can be quite hard, especially of you do not have friends to live with it. More often than not, you may not have enough money to rent an apartment on the beach or a penthouse in the city. You may have to make do with what you can afford. But what if all you can afford is a house with stained or cracked floors? Provided the walls and ceilings are still intact, you can always refurbish the floors. Below are four cheap and durable options you should consider before saying no to the slightly damaged house.

Floor Rugs

Aside from offering extra warmth and adding colour to your house, floor rugs can be used to hide permanent stains on the floor. If the stain is centrally placed, you can simply get a rug that covers the spot without having to replace the whole floor.

An advantage to floor rugs is their cost efficiency. You can easily get cheap, colourful rugs from flea markets, or you can opt to make one on your own. YouTube and the internet in general have hundreds of DIY tutorials on how to make handmade floor rugs using different materials.

Floating Floors

A relatively new concept, floating floors are gaining popularity with each passing day. These can be bought in any hardware or household store. Floating floors have several advantages under their belt, including easy installation, different patterns that allow customization, and the fact that you can get pieces to fit a specific area. This means you do not have to get new floors for the whole house.


If you have concrete floors and the issue is that they are faded, you should consider repainting. Not only can you do the painting by yourself, but you can also choose the colour that you want. Although some house managers require the house units to have a standard colour, most landlords do not mind a repainting job. They would actually be benefiting from it.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl is yet another genius, yet not-so-costly idea. You can hide the expanse of your house with vinyl without worrying about reboarding or repainting. Vinyl offers easy installation, as it is basically one big piece of material. It also comes in many colours and patterns which makes your house vibrant and lively and at a friendly price.

Damaged floors should never be the reason you reject a house, especially with all the available innovations.