Are All Your Floors Carpeted? Here is Why You Need to Install Padding

26 February 2019
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Carpets are a staple in a majority of homes since there are virtually endless types, fibres and colours that you can choose to complement your interior décor. Nonetheless, while carpets are a popular flooring option, they all pose a few challenges. From premature wear to the risk of slipping due to the siding of the carpet, you should consider solutions to keeping your carpets from posing a safety risk. One solution that more and more people are seeking is the installation of padding. If you have one or multiple carpets in your home, here are a few of the reasons why you should install padding.

Accident prevention

When your carpet is pinned down by a large piece of furniture, for instance, a coffee table or even your sofa set, it will be at minimal risk of moving around. However, if the carpet is not being secured in place by anything, walking or running on it an increase the chances of falling since you can skid on the carpet. This risk is especially high if you have boisterous kids that run around the house. It mitigates the chance of this happening, it is important to invest in padding, even when your carpet is pinned in place by furniture. The padding helps decrease the slipperiness of the carpet on the floor and will keep your carpet secured in place.

Carpet protection

One surprising benefit of padding is that it can actually help in prolonging the lifespan of your carpets! One of the major dangers of leaving dirt on your carpet is that the particles can end up scratching the fibres. And if this grime is located beneath the carpet, any time someone walks over the carpeting the particles end up abrading the backing, which increases the risk of damage to the carpet fibres from the base. When you choose to install padding below the carpet, the backing is protected from this damage and this helps keep your carpet pristine. Take note, however, that you still have to take measures to ensure that dirt does not collect on the top of the carpet too.

Comfort underfoot

One of the reasons why homeowners will purchase carpets for their home is to provide a plush layer of comfort for their feet. Nevertheless, even the fluffiest of carpets are bound to lose their cushioning over time due to heavy foot traffic. Carpet padding is an excellent way of retaining this comfort since it adds an extra layer of comfort. Hence, your carpets become more functional in making your home even cosier!